Nasima in English

In 1992 my family´s life changed totally. After the regime change in Afghanistan a new bloody war broke out and we escaped to Finland. At that time I was eight years old. I have now lived in Finland for 23 years and I have learnt a lot about society and the Finnish people.

I am impressed by the drive whereby Finns have helped people in real need over the years. Having seen a variety of human fates I am convinced that not a single Finn would fail to give a helping hand to a person in real need.

To me Finnish identity means safety and stability. Many Finns go abroad in order to get experiences, but I get enough of experiences in my home country. It is also easy for me to speak about Finland abroad, and I can always be proud of our country. That means a lot to me. I hope that no one takes for granted all the good we have here. It is a result of hard work. I am also proud of my roots. My Afghan identity is present every day in my life through my family and my language.

I have been full-time in politics for the last two years. During this time I have gained experience and competence, also by following the creditable work of experienced people. From them I have learnt valuable things and got important information. The most important encounters take place, however, on market squares and in cafeterias all over Finland. The support and encouragement from people have increased my self-confidence, and also strengthened my willingness to work for eliminating inconveniences that people meet with in everyday life. I am motivated to do my best.

My aims:

Your background shall not determine what you will become. Equality benefits everyone.

Every Finn shall be given the opportunity for a good life, a life that he or she dreams of.

Finland is a good place for future generations. Let us make choices that are good for people, the environment and the economy.